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Affiliation is the easiest way to make money with only a few clicks online, but the ugly part about it is most websites offer a very low commission rate, requiring you to bring lots of visitors for little money… That’s not the case with Wintoshoes. We offer a 10% commission for ever successful purchase. No matter what product is it, No matter how much it is ! You get your 10% credited to your affiliate account as long as the purchase was successful.

The Goal of our affiliation program is to make everyone happy; You get commissions, the customer gets a source for low priced fashion goods, and we’re happy to gain more customers.

Let’s get straight to the point and explain the basics:  

All of products come with original box or bags. We check carefully before send.  

1) You sign up for our affiliate program.

2) In your affiliate account, you will find a unique link to our website. Which is the link you want to send your traffic from.

3) Shorten the link at Google’s URL Shortener (

4) Provide your audience with the link along with some creative content.

5) Traffic coming from your referral link will get a $5 coupon code.

6) Customer completes purchase, you get 10% of the sale, we take care of the rest.

7) Withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account.

8) Get free products from our store as a Bonus !

Now that we have explained the basics, let’s get deeper in details:  

Who is suited for this opportunity to make a passive income with only a few clicks or taps on your mobile phone ?

- Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest page owners with a decent amount of active followers.

- Fashion/Style/Sneakers related Youtube channel owners with a decent amount of subscribers.

- Fashion/Style/Sneakers related Blog owners with a decent amount of visitors.

- Simply ANYONE who has a way to get interested traffic to our website via his referral link, even an E-mail marketer. (Though we don’t allow spams, we don’t need a bad reputation)

What is the process like ?  in details please !

You sign up to our affiliate program by submitting a request here, We generally accept the requests within a few hours (To speed up the process, feel free to notify us on your request by email or Live Chat). On your affiliate account, you will have a link to our website, that is your referral link and that is how we can keep track of every purchase made through you. Now that you have your referral link, we recommend shortening it with Google’s URL shortener ( Then it’s time for shootouts and advertisement. You can visit our library where we provide images, ads, texts, banners or any creative content that is captivating and shall drive traffic to your referral link, if you need a specific type of ad, our team is always available to make a unique design for you, just get in touch ! 

We would recommend you to leave a shoutout for only 5-7 days then have it deleted, we also recommend you to avoid words like Counterfeit, Fake, Knockoff... (Better words are Replica, UA, Unauthorized authentic, Unauthentic or imitation), customers will know the products are replica after visiting the website.

Here are a few example posts:

-visited the website later on or the next day, they will still be added to your referral list as our website placed a cookie in their browser. After the order is successfully placed and paid for, you will be credited 10% of the total amount paid and we will take care of the shipment and fulfillment.

Let’s say you referred a customer; Joe, he orders a pair of Air Jordan 12s for $149.00, he applies the voucher and makes his order total $144.00 then he successfully completes the payment, you will instantly be credited 10% of the total, which is $14.4. Now let’s say a shoutout you made brought 50 Joes, half of them didn’t make a purchase and the other half did, that’s 25 sales earning you an average of $350. We always satisfy our customers with quality products and they always comeback for more orders, every order your referrals place, you will get credited for, AGAIN ! Their purchases are hooked to your affiliate account. So what’s stopping you from building an empire earning you easy money ? 

The funds in your affiliate account will be pending for 5 days. Then it will be available for withdraw, the minimum amount to withdraw is $50. If your account balance doesn’t have at least $50, you won’t see the withdraw button.

If you have less than $50 in your account and you’re unable to get more sales, you can contact our team and we will see how to work things out. After requesting a withdraw, we will usually review the sales you made and make sure everything is on point, then have it transferred to your PayPal account in less than 24 hours. Again, to speed the process up, please make sure to notify us by email or Live Chat. 

Once you reach your first $300 in commissions, you are welcome to choose any product from our store as a BONUS and receive it in less than a week !

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