How To Buy

We are serious and honest supplier, have gained a good reputation all over the world. If you have any question welcome to contact us. Hope can establish a long term business relationship with you.

Whatsapp: +1 657-225-1980

Open time: 09:00-24:00(365 days nonstop)

Inquiry: Accept e-mail inquiry for 24hours/7days straight. Check and answer e-mail from 09:00 to 24:00.

Note: We offer products on EU sizes. Please note and check whether you have chosen correct sizes.

Payment : We accept Credit Card, Western union, moneygram, Bank transfer and Bitcoin Payment for online purchase. We accept bank transfer and drafts only for wholesalers.  

Delivery time:

1. 2-3 working days.

2. Before shipping the order,we shot a photo of purchased product along with the name of customer for their confirmation.

3. Guaranteed delivery! We'll ship one more package to you against missing package. We also cover the extra shipping expenses.

Delivery options: DHL,UPS,EMS,FedEx

Despatch: All purchased items ship for free!

※ I will despatch the order within 3 days in receipt of confirmed payment.

※ We rearrange one more shipment in case your order is seized by customs. We bear All expenses. 

※ Average shipping time: 5-10 business days(Depend on based country)

Discount: Once customers place an order and initiate a payment,we'll deduct all discounts automatically.

Return and refund policy:

1. If you have any dissatisfaction towards your order for any reason, please tell us immediately and let us help you.

2. We will guide you how to return. To receive refund, you need to return the order within 3 days in receipt of the order. You need to return the package via carriers and send us an Email specifying refund claim, new tracking number and order reference. The related costs should be borne by the buyer. If the returned product has no man-made damages and wear(within 7 business days in receipt of products), we'll settle the refund to the original credit card that paid the order.


Q: Will you contact me when the product is delivered? 

A: Yes, we'll send your registered email a tracking number after you place an order with us.

Q: Is the product new or original?

A: Our product is all brand new, unauthorized 1:1 customized “originals” with manufacturing serial numbers, 100% looks like real. metal accessories and dust bags. Feel free to buy.

Q: Would you remind me of transportation fees?

A: We'll cover the shipping fee.

Q: When will you give me the tracking number?

A: After confirmation from customers,we'll ship the goods through special channels to customer's country. It usually takes 10 work days. All delivery infor will send to customer 3 days after. Special cases like holidays will be exceptional.

Q: Are pictures real shots of items?

A: Yes,they are all from real item shots.I've tried to use screen colors to indicate products' color.Yet due to varied screen settings, the real delivered picture can be different from the screen. Please note that.

Q: Is something included,like warranty,BOX,storage bag,color bands etc.?

A: Accessories and attachments can be varied and depend on specific brands. But they all come with tags, dust bags and so on. 

Q: What if I want to change order contents?

A: If you have no doubt for the following information in regard to our company. Please email via Or you can tell us through clicking message window. Please contact us via email before shipping. If there are out of stock products in the order, we'll only accept to change products.

Q: Do you own factory?

A: Yes,all shoes are made from our own factory. To ensure quality, we scrutinize every manufacturing processes.

Q: Where do you dispatch?

A: Putian, China. In Putian, there have three OEM factories for Nike and Adidas. Those three factories are the world top3 OEM factories for Nike. The sneakers we manufactured is of the same size and comforts and quality of the original.

If you have any questions, please contact us ! we will response you in timely.  

We prefer Western Union transfer (very fast)Please check the website of Western Union to have more information about the money transfer website link

We will offer you 8% more discount if you choose western union

If you have sent the money, please email us your MTCN number of western union for us confirm.

Please give me your delivery products address:





Postal code: 


How to send money online with western union. 

Moneygram (10% Off), If you want to pay in this way, please contact us.  

Pay online using your credit card or bank account (or pay in person at your local Moneygram Kiosk).  

**You will receive 10% off for paying via this payment method.    

**NOTE: Moneygram payments can be made in person at an agent location or online. Moneygram agent locations exist within many stores (e.g. Walmart, Walgreens etc.) as well as stand alone locations.  

How to pay via Moneygram in person: 

How to pay via Moneygram online.